Help Us Eliminate the Digital Divide in Oakland

The Oakland Technology Exchange-West (OTX-West) project wants Oakland school student in grades 6-12 and Oakland adults (proof of school is required for students and proof of residency is required for adults) to volunteers to work on our important reuse project. As a volunteer, you will help us clean computers, monitors, keyboards, and mice. Your involvement will prepare the computers for distribution to Oakland families in need.

Volunteers will receive 1 "service buck" for every hour they work. These bucks can be used to purchase items from our tech store that's located inside the OTX-West warehouse. Depending on what we have available in the store, you can purchase a set of speakers, printers (ink and paper not included), black mice and keyboards, black monitors, and routers among other things. These items range from 1 to 15 "service bucks" each (e.g. speakers=1 buck, black mouse=2 bucks, router=5 bucks). You can also purchase an upgraded computer that may have a CD or DVD burner, more memory, and a faster processor by trading in your old computer and paying between 8 and 20 "service bucks."

Adult volunteers will need to volunteer 20 hours to receive their computer and additional hours to get any of the items mentioned above

Volunteer Hours

Every Wednesday & Thursday from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm and on distribution days (usually every 1st Saturday of the month).

Location & Direction

The OTX-West warehouse is located at 1680 14th street at the corner of 14th and Willow streets in West Oakland.

From downtown Oakland, take the 14th Street WEST to 1680 14th(cross street is Willow).

From 980, take the 14th street exit and take 14th street west about one mile
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