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Home Computers

OTX-West provides Pentium IV Windows 7 computers to any new broadband subscriber. Students and community members can volunteer 5 hours (5 service bucks) or pay $25 to upgrade from Windows XP to a Windows 7 computer. The computers come with a 1 year tech support guarantee and an extensive suite of software.

We will also offer a $50 reduction in the price of any of our high quality refurbished computers to those who are reconnecting after not having broadband for two years or more.  Any other family is welcome to buy a computer from us starting at $100.  All computers are Windows 7 Professional complete systems (computer, keyboard, monitor, mouse, cables, manual and tech support). View our tech store for information and pricing.

In the past, we have offered a free home computer to any high school or middle school student who attends our three hour class with a parent.
Our new offering will be a more targeted offering intended to close the digital divide in Oakland. 


  School Computers

If you are in a Oakland Public School and would like to receive computers from OTX-West, please have the school principal contact us with your request, or call (510) 893-4822.

All school computer are internet ready and loaded with legal and appropriate software.

OTX West Computer

Tech Store

You may also purchase computers with "service bucks" or money from our Tech Store. You can learn more by visiting our VOLUNTEER page