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  Home Computers

OTX-West provides Pentium IV Windows 7 computers with to any new broadband subscriber. Students can volunteer or pay money to upgrade to a Windows 7 computer. The computers come with a 1 year tech support guarantee and an extensive suite of software. To earn a computer, a family member must register and attend our 3 hour THCP class. Classes are held at OTX-West at least once per month from 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm, usually on a Thursday Classes start promptly so please arrive early. Use the THCP Registration link at the bottom of this page to register or call us at 510-893-4822

The Take Home Computer Program (THCP) began in the 2000-2001 school year. Since that time, OTX-West has distributed more than 10,000 free home computers to OUSD students through partnerships with Urban Dreams and Project SOAR.

After completing the class, students will pick up their home computers from OTX-West on our distribution day (typically every 1st Saturday of the month).


  School Computers

If you are in a Oakland Public School and would like to receive computers from OTX-West, please have the school principal contact us with your request, or call (510) 893-4822.

All school computer are internet ready and loaded with legal and appropriate software.

OTX West Computer

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You may also purchase computers with "service bucks" or money from our Tech Store. You can learn more by visiting our VOLUNTEER page

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